Thorsten Jakoby, Matthias Haeussler

Novatec Consulting GmbH


Thorsten Jakoby is a consultant for IT-Architectures and Cloud Migrations at Novatec in Germany. He is currently technical lead for an enterprise-scale cloud migration at a global automotive client. With a background of 10 years in distributed applications Thorsten enables both customers building cloud architectures and students entering the IT and cloud world. Prior to his role at Novatec he led a company specialized in cloud-based startup projects. Besides his role as consultant, he also speaks on meetups and conferences (like Cloud Foundry Summit EU, W-JAX, OOP).

Twitter: @jakobyte1024


Matthias Haeussler is Cloud Consultant at Novatec, organizer of the Stuttgart Cloud Foundry Meetup and proud member of the Cloud Foundry Ambassador community. In his primary role he advises clients on Cloud strategies and supports architecture, implementations and migrations. Besides that he teaches Cloud Native Software Development at universities. He is frequent speaker on meetups and conferences (Cloud Foundry Summit NA & EU, KubeCon, WJAX and many more). Prior to his position at Novatec he was employed at IBM R&D Germany for 15 years.

Twitter: @maeddes




Live Migration Demo of a WebSphere-based Java EE Monolith to different cloud platforms

The intention of this talk is to show a live step-by-step approach to migrate a monolithic WebSphere application to Cloud Foundry or Kubernetes. It starts showing the application running in it’s WebSphere environments and finishes running the migrated app on Cloud Foundry. On the migration journey the following steps are shown:

  • Deployment and runtime on WebSphere
  • Analysis of application in terms of required code changes and connected backend services
  • Configuration and bring up of the application on WebSphere Liberty Profile
  • Deployment and runtime on PCF Dev using Community Buildpack for Liberty
  • Migration of backend services to Cloud Platform (Microsoft Azure in this example)
  • Deployment and runtime of application on PCF on Azure
  • Application of strangler pattern to start slicing the monolith into Microservices.

It is based on a talk given at the User track of Cloud Foundry Summit in Basel 2018. It was received very well, got a lot of good feedback and brought up interesting discussions with the attendees. While this talk was very conceptual, this new version is intended to demonstrate the involved steps in a live example and perform the migration within the given time