Dominik Gruntz

University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland


Dominik Gruntz is professor for Software Design at the Institute for Mobile and Distributed Systems at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland. He teaches courses on Enterprise Application Frameworks (Spring Boot, JPA, ...) and on programming in general (Concurrent Programming and Distributed Programming). He is doing research in the field of Mobile Systems (Mobile Payment and Mobile Access). He was born in Basel and likes to take any opportunity to go back to Basel.

Beyond REST: GraphQL with Java

RESTful Web services are well established for accessing data from the backend, but REST interfaces have their disadvantages and constraints. That’s why Facebook developed GraphQL as an alternative. In this talk the goals and principles of GraphQL are presented. We will look at GraphQL's Schema Language and its Query Language and play around with the GraphQL API of github. Using an example application we will show how Java can be used to build a GraphQL server which supports queries, mutations and notifications.