Moritz, Duy Nguyen



Moritz is a young Software Engineer passionate about cloud technologies. After graduating from a master’s degree in CS at EPFL, he joined Adobe in Basel for new adventures. He now works for Adobe I/O, a team providing solutions empowering developers looking to integrate, extend, or create apps based on Adobe’s technologies. His current role is to implement a SDK to help developers create cloud native apps backed by Adobe’s serverless infrastructure, which is built on top of Apache OpenWhisk.

Duy is a software engineer at Adobe R&D Switzerland in Basel. He is a member of Developer Ecosystem and Adobe I/O engineering team. His technical contribution at Adobe has focused on cloud platform and emerging technologies, including Adobe I/O Runtime serverless platform, Cloud Native Apps and SDKs, and research on applying serverless technologies in ML/AI. He is an active contributor in the Apache OpenWhisk (Incubator) project. When he is not working, you might find Duy with his backpack somewhere in the nature of Nepali mountains, or with his favorite book about Roman history.


Serverless: new ways of thinking for your apps

The emergence of serverless has allowed developers to build applications rapidly by freeing them from the burdens of the classical server stacks. We will share some experiences and thoughts about building extensible and scalable web apps, cloud natives apps using serverless services in the back-end.