Peter Palaga

Red Hat


Peter Palaga is senior software engineer for JBoss Fuse at Red Hat. He is currently splitting his time between porting Camel components to Quarkus and maintaining Fuse on EAP and WildFly Camel. Earlier, he worked on JBoss EAP, Hawkular and other Red Hat Middleware projects. He is the author of srcdeps (Source dependencies for Maven and Gradle) and contributor to several Maven and Gradle plugins.

Twitter: @ppalaga


Apache Camel K: supersonic subatomic integrations on Kubernetes and Knative

Apache Camel has been the Swiss knife of integrating heterogeneous systems for more than a decade. Camel K is its new subproject aiming at simplifying and speeding up the development of Camel integration routes on Kubernetes. In this session, you will learn how Camel K leverages the concepts of Kubernetes operator and Custom Resource Definitions (CRD) to speedup the development feedback. We will explain what is Knative and Quarkus and how Camel-K utilizes them to combine the outstanding integration capabilities of Apache Camel with serverless features like auto-scaling, scaling to zero and event-based communication. A live demo will be included!